Research and development are important productive stages those allow us to realize customized solutions.
Together with customers, we use to study their specific operative uses, active and passive protection systems of the vehicle to armour.
This phase makes each vehicle unique and complies with the technical specifications of the user.
Over the years, we have invested on design process and our vehicles are realized with CAD 3D software, Reverse Engineering systems and 3D modelling.

With these technologies we are able to perform the armouring in a flexible way, customizing the equipment with high production quality.
R&D and a well-organized technical department are always looking for new solutions, constantly improving the quality of the processes of the armoured vehicles we set up.


We have agreements with main manufacturers of commercial vehicles such as FCA, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, Volkswagen and we are accredited to perform the armouring in accordance with OEM directives, while maintaining the guarantees of the base vehicles unchanged.
Our production process has evolved with the mass production of different models, while maintaining the possibility to adapt the vehicles to the specific customers’ needs in the markets we work for;
The use of the new technologies available, the quality and innovation of the solutions we adopt for the armouring process, make our vehicles safe, technologically advanced and reliable.

The materials we use for the armouring are selected by strategic suppliers. We continuously carry out checks, tests and verifications regarding the quality of the components we involve, in order to guarantee high quality standards.

Produzione in serie - Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, mass production

Produzione in serie - Scudati

Iveco Daily Scudato, mass production


We provide different services to our customers: delivery of the vehicles all over the world; support in the import and registration of vehicles; short and long termal renting; after sales service; maintenances and reparations; supply of spare parts with high availability on stock about specific equipment components; training to operators.
Veicoli blindati NOM Srl quality process is certified by European norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, in addition we have the European second phase Homologation specific for armoured vehicles.
The customer opinion is very important for us, we periodically monitor it analysing the customer satisfaction module. To date, we have 98% of positive feedback.

Cash-In-Transit market is changing, as well as quickly evolves the reality in which we live: It is a continuous challenge that motive us to anticipate customers’ needs; The goal is to always reinvent ourselves, changing the business to always be a step ahead to requests we have;
Due to that, we complete the armouring vehicles providing safety accessories that implement the functionality of the vehicles making them complete and efficient for the user.
Veicoli Blindati NOM Srl today is leader in the national and international markets, working for the main groups in the Cash-In-Transit world-wide markets.

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